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Do You Suffer

from severe neuropathy pain?

Neuropathy Pain Relief

“Tingling, burning, stabbing, throbbing and constant excruciating pain.”

“I can’t go on with this pain.”

These are the words patients most often use to describe their leg and foot pain due to Neuropathy.

People suffering from Neuropathy pain can typically relate to these scenarios:

    “After suffering with peripheral neuropathy for 2 ½ years, I have begun the treatment prescribed by Montvale Health & Wellness. After only several treatments I have been able to feel the bottoms of my feet and legs with no pain. With the results I’ve experienced in the short period of time, I now look forward to every treatment knowing there will be continued improvement.”
    – John S.
  • During the day you can hardly walk and every step sends shooting pain like lightning from your toes through your legs.
  • At night you cannot sleep because your legs feel like little bugs are eating them.
  • Numbness in your feet is causing noticeable balance problems.
  • You may have poorly controlled type 2 diabetes.
  • You may have back pain and leg pain caused by herniated, bulging or degenerated lower back discs compressing the delicate nerves in your back that travel down to your legs and feet.
  • You have been told your solution is to take prescription pain medication or just live with the pain.

Montvale Health & Wellness now offers a specialized Neuropathy Pain Relief Program.

Montvale Health & Wellness now offers a new non-surgical painless low level light therapy. The low level light therapy helps increase circulation to a specific area and can reduce and/or eliminate pain in as little as 20 minutes. Non-invasive, relaxing re-integration and stimulation of peripheral nerves is used in combination with the laser therapy to quickly increase function.

Schedule your FREE 7 Point Neuropathy Evaluation
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Schedule an appointment for your FREE neuropathy evaluation with Dr. Tom Grantis or Dr. Raymond Saint.

You will undergo our Free 7 Point Neuropathy Evaluation for foot and leg nerve sensitivity test, including pain fiber testing, thermal receptor testing, pressure receptor testing, light touch sensitivity testing, pain fiber receptivity testing and have your lower back nerves checked for neuropathy involvement. Once you have been evaluated, we will determine if you are a candidate for the Neuropathy Pain Relief Program.

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Neuropathy Team

  • Rick Lambert, MD
    Internal Medicine & Acupuncture
    Medical Director

  • Tom Grantis, DC

  • Edward Harris, D.P.M.,

    Podiatric Surgery & Orthopedics
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