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Providing Solutions for Patients Struggling with Pain

Pain is a complex physiological and emotional experience that can dramatically affect an individual’s life.

Pain CareMusculoskeletal pain, especially related to spinal disorders, can be particularly limiting and difficult to cope with. Montvale Health Associates Pain Care Center for Excellence meets the needs of patients struggling with all forms of pain.

Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, making it the number one cause of adult disability in the United States.* Pain affects both men and women, and increasingly, of all ages. At Montvale Health Associates Pain Management Center of Excellence, we understand the gamut of pain’s effects, from both the physical and emotional perspective. We strive to approach pain from every angle, customizing our approach with the most cutting-edge treatments and modalities available.

Directed by our Interventional Spinal Specialist David Gamburg, MD, ABPM, DAAPM, the Montvale Health Associates Pain Management Center of Excellence offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment to patients with acute and chronic pain syndromes, including pain from orthopedic and rheumatologic conditions.

*American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA)

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Pain Center for Excellence Team

Headed by David Gamburg MD, ABPM, DAAPM. Dr. Gamburg is Board-Certified in Pain Management and Fellowship-Trained in Anesthesiology and Certified in Endoscopic Spine Surgery. He treats pain caused from herniated and bulging discs, facet arthrosis, arthritis and spinal stenosis, as well as administers PRP. He is a national leader in radio frequency ablation. Dr. Gamburg performs 3,000 procedures a year with significant improvement in greater than 80% of his patients.

  • David Saint, DC

  • David Gamburg, MD, ABPM,

    Spine & Pain Management

  • Rick Lambert, MD
    Internal Medicine & Acupuncture
    Medical Director

  • Tom Grantis, DC

  • Edward Harris, D.P.M.,

    Podiatric Surgery & Orthopedics

  • Voltaire Bermudo, MSPT
    Physical Therapist

  • Steven Ugras, MD
    Hand & Upper Extremity

  • David Abend, DO
    Family Medicine &
    Osteopathic Medicine

  • Lyssa Jacobs, MD

  • Nicholas Renaldo, MD
    Spine Surgeon
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