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5 Myths About Chronic Pain

5 Myths About Chronic Pain

More than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, which makes the condition the number one cause of disability among adults in the United States, according to the American Chronic Pain Association. And to everyone but the sufferer, the signs of pain are mostly invisible. People may look fine, but inside they are hurting, and hurting badly. Sadly, many people simply acquiesce and choose to live with the pain because they are uninformed about or do not understand that they have options.

If knowledge is power, then it is important to know about 5 Myths About Chronic Pain:

Myth #1 – Pain management merely covers up pain, but does not stop it.

Fact – The treatment of chronic pain is often not an easy matter. The first step is seeing a doctor for a complete evaluation to discover if and how the condition can be treated. Some procedures or medications will effectively stop the pain by themselves. Other procedures or medication will help the patient manage their pain level while the doctor will use other methods to treat the underlying source of the pain. The bottom line is that a good pain management physician will be able to help eliminate or reduce a patient’s pain level while dealing with the root cause.

Myth #2 – Treatment for persistent pain requires surgery.

Fact – Only a small number of people suffering from chronic pain require surgery. Surgery usually is not considered to be a remedy until more conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and exercise, have failed. If, however, non-surgical approaches are not able to adequately treat pain, there are now some minimally invasive options available at Montvale Health & Wellness.

Myth #3 – Pain management doctors have a narrow focus in how they can successfully treat pain.

Fact – Though pain management doctors are viewed by some as doctors who primarily treat with medication or limited techniques, the scope of the pain management doctors at Montvale Health & Wellness is much greater. Our physicians are able to use traditional pain management techniques such as injections and medication, but also use a variety of other modalities including chiropractic care, alternative treatments such as acupuncture, and even surgery if needed (with a focus on minimally invasive surgery wherever possible). One size does not fit all when it comes to a person’s pain, and we will explore a spectrum of options as needed in order to provide the best treatment for your case.

Myth #4 – Rest is the best treatment for pain.

Fact – Old school advice is for the sufferers of chronic pain, especially back pain, to hunker down in bed and rest. But treatments and philosophies have evolved over time. While any additional, extreme strain is never recommended, maintaining a regular schedule (including regular physical activity) is more likely to facilitate a speedy and full recovery.

Myth #5 – Some people simply have to learn to live with back pain.

Fact – If your world is dominated by constant, excruciating pain, it is usually hard to think of anything else. There certainly may be extreme cases where nothing can be done, but sufferers need to know that there are a multitude of options available to them. At Montvale Health & Wellness, we perform more than 3,000 procedures annually and more than 80 percent of our patients report significant improvements in their pain.

At Montvale Health Sport & Spine, our pain management team can treat, ease and help you live, and perhaps conquer chronic pain. Call us to schedule an appointment today at 201-931-8282 or fill out our online appointment request form.


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