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About Montvale Health & Wellness

Your Source for Quality Care

Montvale lobbyQuality Care, Convenience, Peace of Mind—this rare combination of medical services is available to you exclusively at Montvale Health & Wellness.

We provide our patients premier healthcare solutions in one place with a team of physicians who are leaders in their field. Our comprehensive, team approach ensures you receive the medical attention to get you healthy and help you stay healthy.

At Montvale Health & Wellness, we value the time, concerns and comfort of our patients. Our experience has led us to conclude that the “Quality Care: Right Now!” approach is the gold standard of medical care. It stands out from the common complaints of patients who often feel rushed, delayed or underserved by standard medical care.

Don’t spend time in pain or worry, hoping for relief or wondering about a diagnosis, take advantage of Montvale Health & Wellness—Your Source for Quality Care, Right Now!

Our Personalized Approach

img_approachOur commitment is to provide the highest quality care so that you see results. We want to deliver this care with respect and the high level of personal attention you deserve from the moment you step into Montvale Health & Wellness.

Your first stop once you enter Montvale Health & Wellness is a meeting with Dr. Rick Lambert who is available to screen patients, even on short notice, and effectively and efficiently determine the best path to your treatment.

Dr. Lambert uses both traditional and natural medicines to offer patients a truly integrated approach to restoring balance and wellness to their lives.  He has a unique grasp of patients’ conditions and needs, and a strong interest in their well-being and in providing a healing environment for them.

All of our patients also receive satisfaction surveys so that we can hear your opinions and comments relating to your experience at Montvale Health & Wellness.

The Team at Montvale Health & Wellness

At Montvale Health & Wellness we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of specialists.

Our team specializes in diagnosing and providing both conservative treatments and minimally invasive procedures designed to help correct the cause of your problem, reduce your pain, and provide you with RESULTS.