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Some Telling Numbers on Chiropractic Care

Back and Neck Pain: Medicine’s Mystery

Back and Neck Pain: Medicine’s Mystery

As many as half of all working Americans admit having back and neck pain symptoms in a typical year, and it is among the most used excuses for calling in sick, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), and accumulated missed workdays. The number of lost workdays debited to this spinal malady approaches 300 million annually.

Mainstream medicine, at times, seems mystified about how to treat this rampant health invader, other than pharmaceuticals and surgery which are invasive, expensive and potentially harmful.

The Department of Global Health in 2017 proclaimed that low back and neck pain has racked up “the third highest bill of any health condition” in the United States. The same source also posited that most of the lower back and neck pain suffered by millions is “unexplained” and available evidence suggests “most treatments do not work.”

Any when you talk about work, it is not just about people who bend and lift as part of their jobs. It is also about those who stoop and sit in an office setting, because the chair puts as many workers at risk for back pain as those who labor with demanding tools. Experts say that 80 percent of us will experience some kind of back pain in our lives.

There is such a thing as upper back pain, by the way, but it doesn’t even come close to the lower back and neck when it comes to the number of treatments sought by its sufferers. You might even say it is relatively rare when it comes to the numbers seeking treatment. That’s because the spine in the upper back is not as vulnerable to injury as either the lower back or neck. The twelve vertebrae of the well-muscled upper back run from the base of the neck to the bottom of the rib cage. In combination with the bones of the encircling rib bones, they absorb shock and help stabilize the back. The upper back does not bend and twist as the lower back does, and that reduces the chances of injury.

Back pain is probably the most common reason for a person’s first visit to a chiropractor. 

Relying on Combination of Treatments

At Montvale Health Sport+ Spine we take a conservative approach which, aside from chiropractic, include physical therapy, acupuncture, spinal decompression and massage therapy.

In fact, the recent opioid epidemic promulgated by mainstream medicine and its practitioners and growing concerns about addiction have been sending more people to chiropractors, as a nonsurgical and nonmedicinal source of relief, than ever. An increasing number of physicians are recommending chiropractic care to patients with back pain, according to a report from Harvard Medical School, which also noted an increasing number of referrals to physical therapists.

Harvard Medical School experts have made the following concessions about the effectiveness of chiropractic care reported by patients who underwent six weeks of treatment for back pain issues commonly resolved by potentially addictive medication:

√ reported less pain intensity

√ experienced less disability and more improvement in function

√ reported higher satisfaction with their treatment

There has been some disagreement with the above findings outside the alternative care community, with some arguing that back pain tends to subside on its own after a certain amount of time anyway. The problem is that it almost always comes back.

Duke University Medical School, which includes chiropractic spinal care among its offerings, reported in an August 2022 blog the following: “Research shows that spinal manipulation can help relieve pain and improve function in people with acute low-back pain.”


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