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Chiropractic & Sports Injuries

We Understand Treating the “Whole Athlete”

Chiropractic, young guySports chiropractic at Montvale Health & Wellness serves the athlete on every level–as injury treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

Active people and athletes have different physical needs and make-up than others, and sports chiropractors are skilled in their understanding of those needs.

Athletes from golf’s Tiger Woods to hockey’s Sidney Crosby, and entire teams are now treated with chiropractic, which also works in conjunction with other medical specialties, included and integrated into our team approach at Montvale Health & Wellness.

It addition to traumatic injury, constant stress over time can lead to chronic injury or even precipitate traumatic injury. Chiropractors have a long history of treating sports injuries, and are a crucial part of our medical staff to help maintain the health of athletes and active people who participate in a wide variety of sports.

In addition to injury, chiropractors are skilled at assessing other problems leading to potential injury, such as poor conditioning, fitness or posture, and poor lifestyle habits. They work closely with all our Centers of Excellence to facilitate optimum, integrated care.

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