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Combining Approaches to Relieve Pain

Combining Approaches to Relieve Pain

We sometimes forget that feeling the sensation of pain is a warning that something is not quite right within our body. Most pain is transient and will dissipate in time. Then there is chronic pain, which, if not constantly with you, tends to return again and again. Pain warns us of illness and injury, and is nature’s way of saying, “Don’t do anything foolish or things could get a whole lot worse.” In other words, something is wrong, pay heed or you could very well aggravate the problem.

The immediate remedy for the pain may be as close as your local pharmacy or even in your medicine cabinet, but is that the solution? Pain always has a cause. It might be something you ate, an injury that will heal on its own or something much more ominous. In other words, pain itself is not the condition but a signal to you that there is a something beyond the pain itself that must be treated. You may need to determine the cause before real healing can begin.

Acute pain is often sudden and severe, such as a sprained knee, but it is limited in time depending on the effectiveness of the healing choice. Injury is often the source of chronic pain and is defined as any that lasts longer than three months and well beyond the time it should take to heal. Sadly, it may continue throughout your adult years. It is almost as if the body sustains the memory of the injury and will not let it go. It is one of the mysteries of our nervous system, central and peripheral, and the messages transmitted within it.

Multidisciplinary and Non-Invasive

A multidisciplinary approach such as that offered by Montvale Health Sport + Spine is an efficient way of dealing with both chronic and acute pain. And even though chronic pain is too often thought of as lifetime sentence of joint or back pain, for instance, it is not something you have to endure for a lifetime.

There are proven natural healing techniques that are ancient, along with modern approaches that improve on holistic programs, negating the need for drugs and surgery while improving physical fitness and flexibility.

We can help you find the solutions you seek for relieving pain and, more importantly, the causes that too often have regressed from acute to chronic. Relief awaits within the five branches of our multidisciplinary approach— perhaps a combination of two or more:

  • Chiropractic — Millions of patients across the United States rely on the therapeutic procedure of chiropractic manipulation and that includes introducing adjustments that will last a lifetime.
  • Physical Therapy — After injury of illness strikes, we can get you back to where you were — even better in many cases. Strengthening, flexibility and restoring mobility typically result in reduced pain and, by extension, return to normal activity with renewed confidence.
  • Acupuncture — Science and mainstream medicine have confirmed that acupuncture not only relieves chronic joint pain but is effective against migraine and tensions headaches.
  • Cupping Therapy — Gentle suction from cups on sore and aching areas like the back and shoulders bring blessed relief and is especially popular with athletes for optimal performance.


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