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Treatment for Osteoarthritis in Montvale, NJ

Treatment for Osteoarthritis in Montvale, NJ

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, typically affecting older adults as a result of wear and tear on the joints. It’s most typically found in the hands, neck, lower back, knees, and hips and occurs when the cartilage protecting the ends of the bones begins to deteriorate. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease and worsens over time, progressing quickly if left untreated. Eventually, if the cartilage completely wears down bones rub against each other and cause intense pain. At this point, a joint replacement may be required. We urge patients who suspect they may have osteoarthritis to schedule an appointment as soon as possible in order to develop a treatment plan to slow the progression of symptoms. We begin with a close inspection of the affected joints for signs of osteoarthritis, and may use imaging tests such as X-rays and MRIs, as well as lab work to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. Then, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan that may include lifestyle adjustments as well as non-invasive procedures at our facility.


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