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Helping You Live with Chronic Knee Pain

Helping You Live with Chronic Knee Pain 

Chronic pain, as opposed to acute pain, is something that never seems to go away. It is particularly irksome, sometimes even life-altering, when it occurs in the most mobility-impeding joint, the knee. At Montvale Health Sport + Spine we have a multifaceted weapon for people suffering from knee pain that has been proven to reduce inflammation and curb pain. Furthermore, it is FDA-approved and does not include surgery or drugs. Our three-phase knee protocol also brings into play physical therapy to stabilize and strengthen the complaining knee and, finally, we turn to “ultrasound-guided injections” as a lubricating cushion that brings amazing relief to many of our patients with chronic knee pain.

The knee is a remarkable joint, but it is also the most used and abused whether walking or sitting. Whatever position you assume, it brings discomfort and often impedes on a good night’s sleep. There is no singular cause for chronic knee pain. Your life of pain may start with a traumatic injury as a young adult with the aftereffects staying around to haunt you. It is often caused by repetitive motion, and, like an oft-used door hinge may require occasional lubrication to work smoothly and with minimal pain. The combination of repetition and aging is not so different from the oft-used door that has been operating on the same set of hinges for decades.

The answer does not lie in limiting how much we use our knees, because that only serves to weaken the joint as opposed to strategic exercise and physical therapy. As we get older, we are more likely to fall prey to arthritis and other degenerative disorders and, depending on the damage done, are often resigned to live with the pain. However, moderating or easing the pain is something is a gift we can bring to you with our state-of-the-art PT facility and highly qualified physical therapists who will rehabilitate your knees by instigating personalized programs that will improve your quality of life.

Rehabilitation may not be a cure, but it is certainly the next best thing. By definition it means restoring to good health and usefulness. Pain is a bodily alarm, a warning, and sometimes it is telling you to not go any further to avoid further damage, but it also telling you to do something about it, and that’s the value of rehabilitation.

Prevalent Chronic Knee Pain Causes

What are some of the causes of chronic knee pain, aside from trauma, repetition, aging and degenerative disorders? According to the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania (OIP), some of the most prevalent causes of chronic knee pain include:

√ Other degenerative issues, aside from osteoarthritis, such as gout or tumors, complicate any rehabilitative process.

√ Tendonitis, typically in the front of the knee, is especially debilitating because this condition “will only get worse with continued movement.” Other than turning to painkilling drugs, the combination of rest and physical therapy are the only sources of relief.

√ Baker’s cyst which interferes with the lubricating fluid in the knee that allows it to bend easily without pain, can be counteracted by lubricating injections.

√ Bursitis is caused by overuse leading to inflammation, then pain that can be relieved by rest.

√ There is even a malignant bone cancer, Osteosarcoma, known to attack the knee joint, which may advance from chronic pain to something even more devastating.

The bottom line is that even if you have to live with aspects of chronic pain, you don’t have to give up living an active life.


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