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How Often Should You Turn to a Chiropractor?

How Often Should You Turn to a Chiropractor?

There is a common question among those of us who turn to a chiropractor for relief from pain and physical distress caused by injury, illness or an ongoing condition:

How often should you seek chiropractic care?

Obviously, the answer is not the same for everyone— even those with common ailments like lower back pain which is plaguing an estimated 31 million Americans as you read this. And that holds true whether you live in Montvale, Bergen County or across the New Jersey line in New York State and elsewhere in the broad and divergent service area of Montvale Sport + Spine. 

One answer is that you come to us when your pain is the greatest, but do you always know when to schedule your next appointment? 

Winter is approaching in earnest, and you didn’t anticipate shoveling several inches of white stuff off the front walk or scraping ice from your car’s windshield on a late December morning. Back pain, for instance, can be unremitting or it may strike without warning. You may enjoy welcome relief after several sessions with no follow-up treatment necessary. Others may require scheduling weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions. So it is between you and your chiropractor in determining whether you need a regimen— a treatment program or plan— or to spontaneously schedule a session as the first waves of pain move in. Sufferers of pain, whether underlying (chronic) or immediate and unexpected (acute), learn more about when to expect the unexpected through treatment and consultation with their chiropractor. 

Think of Chiropractic Care as a Healthy Habit

Knowledge is indeed power that leads us to adopting healthy habits, and many have learned that chiropractic care is comparable to following a nutritious diet or a targeted exercise program. 

When it comes to chiropractic care, we’re firm believers in the proverbial ounce of prevention, which includes adding habits based on healthier choices every day, week and month. Habits do not necessarily entail doing the same thing on a weekly or monthly basis. We firmly recommend considering two words — “as needed”—when including the habit of chiropractic care in your healthy repertoire.

It often turns out that, after consulting with one of our licensed specialists, that regular appointments may be what you need. That’s certainly true with chronic pain, but what about that acute ache or pain you encounter at times at home or on the job that seems to go away on its own, perhaps resolved by rest and relaxation? There is merit to what has come to be known as the “one-day rule,” which means that if is gone by the next day, you most likely don’t need an adjustment.

If that pain on Monday goes away on Tuesday, only to return on Wednesday for a day or so in what seems to be a repetitive pattern, that itself would qualify as chronic and you’ll have to deal with it accordingly with scheduled chiropractic appointments.

We do know this. There are common stages to chiropractic care. Most patients initially come to us with what they feel is an urgent need. In response to this urgency, the chiropractor offers repair and relief in what you might call the reparative stage. The final stage—the reason to continue regular chiropractic care— is preventative and, from there, it is a matter of determining frequency of care.


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