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Understanding Stress Helps Relieve It

In a previous blog we considered some of the causes of stress when you’re quarantined or sheltering in place and some of the things you can do to ease that stress.

Things may be loosening up now, but it is not over yet. There is nothing social about covering half of your face and staying a couple of arm-lengths away from just about everyone except those who live under the same roof with you.

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Managing Stress while Sheltering

Mental health is indeed a state of mind and nothing presents greater day-to-day impact on one’s state of mind than stress. Stress can be both healthy and unhealthy, driving you to complete tasks or face challenges on one hand while stirring up mind-numbing fear and anxiety on the other.

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Sleep to Strengthen Your Immunity

As you age you produce fewer immune bolstering cells. Your system is not as balanced as it once was, and inflammation is more likely to settle in— somewhere in that magnificently engineered structure, the human body. External forces can further erode your immune system, including sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, injury, illness, stress and lack of sleep.

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Identifying Neuropathy

Causes and Symptoms

Neuropathy refers to the general problem of nerve damage. The term is often used, however, to refer to a more specific condition known as peripheral neuropathy—damage to the nerves outside of the central nervous system. It is important to note that neuropathy is not a disease, but a condition caused by an underlying problem. This article will briefly discuss the causes and symptoms of neuropathy.

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Arthroscopic Surgery – A simple explanation

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive form of surgery aimed at examining and sometimes correcting joint problems. It is most commonly used to evaluate and treat problems in the shoulder or knee, though it can also be performed on other joints such as the elbow, hip, ankle, foot and wrist.

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