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The 3-Phase Knee Solution

A non-surgical knee pain solution.

sports injury treatmentIf you suffer from chronic knee pain and are frustrated with your inability to perform simple household tasks or participate in your favorite lifestyle activity, please call our office today and schedule your first appointment to get started with the 3-Phase Knee Protocol.

Our thorough evaluation process targets knee pain elimination utilizing a specific protocol that begins with a consultation/examination and x-rays (if needed) with a board certified physician to determine the appropriateness and timing to initiate treatment.

At Montvale Health and Wellness, we have developed a three phase protocol that provides a multidisciplinary approach to the management of chronic knee pain, taking newer forms of non-surgical treatment to a higher level.


Our physician will utilize a specific injection protocol to effect the body’s response to inflammatory cells present in the joint related to osteoarthritis.


Our state of the art physical therapy department will perform a thorough evaluation and utilize the most current treatment techniques, including exercises and modalities, to help decrease pain, increase mobility, improve muscle strength, and enhance body balance.


In people with osteoarthritis, a critical substance in synovial fluid known as hyaluronic acid breaks down. Loss of hyaluronic acid appears to contribute to joint pain and stiffness. Using ultrasound guided technology, our physician carefully and specifically guides the gel-like fluid into the joint, assuring proper needle placement. Replacing this valuable substance provides lubrication and cushioning for the knee joint.

Additionally , we understand that years of poor joint function and alignment create an environment that is challenging to perform daily functions. We may suggest unloading joint support bracing to provide pain relief, unload asymmetrical forces and help in the rehabilitation phase of our program.
Lastly, with some specific cases, platelet rich plasma (PRP) may be used to promote healing.
Our entire team is committed to making the patients’ health and healing a priority. From the moment you step into our beautiful, state of the art facility, our staff will make you feel comfortable as you join the list of other satisfied patients who have returned to their active lifestyles.