Physical Therapy in Bergen County for Athletes and Recovery

Physical Therapy for Athletes and Recovery

Our team of skilled Physical Therapists helps athletes get back in the game after injuries.

athlete physical therapyAt Montvale Health & Wellness, our physical therapists help athletes and active individuals suffering from strains, sprains, and traumatic or overuse injuries. By working with athletes, physical therapists are able to help them regain the strength and mobility they may have lost due to an injury. This is completed through stretching and strengthening exercises using a combination of special modalities. After sessions with our physical therapists, athletes not only regain function, but achieve a higher level of balanced strength and conditioning than before their injuries.

Our physical therapists treat athletes with conditions including:
  • Neck and back injuries: The spine is very delicate and can be injured easily. Physical therapists work to strengthen the muscles around the spine, providing more support.
  • Overuse injuries: When athletes do not rest properly between training sessions, overuse injuries can occur.
  • Fractures and dislocations: Especially common in contact sports, these injuries can cause both pain and limitation of use.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: Common in athletes who perform the same motions over and over, like golfers or tennis players.
  • Torn ligaments and muscles: Daily wear and tear from practice and games can sometimes result in tears that require medical assistance.
  • Limb and joint pain: Sports can take a toll on athletes’ bodies, resulting in associated pain that physical therapists can improve.
  • Arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis: These conditions are characterized by inflammation of the joints. Gentle stretching can be a helpful technique to reduce the resulting pain.

Using a wide variety of exercises, hands-on techniques and other modalities, we help athletes, as well as recreational sports participants, to return to form and excel. Our services include but are not limited to Spinal Decompression Therapy, Massage Therapy, Laser Therapy and Endermo Therapy.

Our sports rehab programs are personalized to fit your unique needs. We also provide valuable education so patients may be armed with the best injury prevention and performance enhancing techniques. This includes everything from gait, posture and equipment analysis to strengthening and flexibility exercise programs to be done following care.

Schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists if you want to recover from an injury and get back to a high performance level in your sport in the most efficient manner.

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