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Dr Rick Lambert
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Rick Lambert, MD

Internal Medicine & Acupuncture

Dr. Rick Lambert, board certified in Internal and Emergency Medicine, is the Medical Director at Montvale Health & Wellness.

He received his medical training at the NYU School of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Medical Center in Philadelphia. He has worked in the field of emergency medicine for the past 20 years.

Dr. Lambert uses both traditional and natural medicines to offer each patient a truly integrated approach to restoring balance and wellness to their lives. He received his certification in acupuncture from New York Medical College to provide patients with a gentle, surgery-free option to alleviating pain and stress. He is also certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia.

  • Wellness Medicine, Certified in Acupuncture
  • PRP Therapy (Plate-Rich Plasma) for shoulder, elbow, knee and muscle tears of arms/legs
  • Homeopathic Trigger Point Injection Therapy for Pain Management, P-STIM™, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Autonomic Dysfunction Testing

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