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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Montvale Health Sport and Spine Safety Protocols

Patient Safety Testimonial

  • Patient parks car and texts from car (201-819-4321) upon arrival (if texting not available, patient to call main number (201) 391-8282)
  • Front desk responds when ready for patient to come into clinic
  • Front desk or other staff member greets patient at glass door entry to clinic
  • Patient will be screened at front door for symptoms or signs of illness
  • Patient will not be allowed a companion unless cleared to do so at time of the appointment by the medical director (and exhibits a clear need for a companion to be present – a companion will have to go through the same screening process)
  • Patient enters clinic with mask and gloves (supplied to patient)
  • Patient signs in at front desk (done electronically, no pen or signature needed)
  • Patient given travel card
  • Patients and staff follow printed ONE WAY signs on walls and taped arrows on floor throughout the clinic (clockwise throughout clinic)
  • Patient is escorted to treatment area (by front desk or provider) and treated
  • Treatment table wiped down after every treatment with medical grade cleaning solution/wipe and, if paper used (table covering/pillow cases), it is discarded and replaced with new.
  • Patient escorted to waiting room for second treatment (if scheduled) or discharged from clinic. Waiting area chairs will be marked off six feet apart in case the next provider is not immediately ready. Chairs used in waiting area, like all furniture, will be continually disinfected.
  • New patients who need to fill out medical information in our kiosk will, as with all patients, be screened and wearing a mask and glove. The stylus and tablet used will be wiped with disinfectant wipe as well prior to the patient handling these.
  • Patient will be scheduled for future appointments at time of discharge from the clinic.
  • Patient payments (when indicated) will be taken at time of discharge from the clinic.
  • Hand sanitizers will be present at the front desk.

Covid-19 Safety Protocol Frequently Asked Questions

We have adopted current CMS, CDC and Department of Health guidelines for New Jersey. Some questions you might have before visiting us here at Montvale Health Sport + Spine:

What precautions is MHS+S taking to protect patients?

    1. Patients are prescreened prior to scheduling for symptoms/risks of COVID-19. Patients are scheduled in a very limited time schedule- 1 patient at a time. They are informed of what we will do on arrival, including valet type approach in which you call from your car and we will bring you in.
    2. Staff is trained by our Infection Prevention Professional. They are prescreened before each shift as well and will be working a limited schedule. Hand sanitizing, hand washing, use of PPE, disinfecting and cleaning, and social distancing will be practiced regularly.
    3. When entering the clinic, patients will be asked to do a temperature check, be given gloves, a mask, shoe coverings, and a gown, and will be asked to put personal belongings such as purses in a plastic bag. Staff will do the same from a different entrance.
    4. Policies and signage are posted throughout the clinic as reminders.

Why is PPE important?

PPE is worn to protect wearer from exposure of droplets and contaminants. PPE reduces exposure risks to wearer as well as others when used correctly.

Is social distancing being performed at the clinic?

Yes. Chairs are kept 6 feet apart in our entrance area. Staff also follows social distancing.

What extra precautions are providers taking?

Providers follow all in #1 B). Individual guidance and input on all protocols with our Infection Control Professional. Providers have reviewed ALL infection control measures in place and team meetings to evaluate our compliance with all aspects.

Do most clinics have an Infection Prevention and Control nurse on staff?

No, but in this COVID-19 era, available Infection Prevention and Control nurses are consulting as requested. MHS+S has hired one to maximize the highest level of care here at our clinic.


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