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Patient Testimonials: Chiropractic Care

It Changed My Life!

“I was experiencing joint pain in one of my legs and unable to walk and exercise any length of time. A hip replacement followed.

Then I received spinal adjustments and physical therapy at your clinic. That was a godsend for me.

Once more I could participate in a one-hour workout at my fitness center. My energy level and leg strength got a great jump-start with your treatments, ending in resounding improvements. I had tried Celebrex briefly, but it had negative side effects.

Chiropractic manipulations by Dr. Saint and Dr. Grantis put me back in shape. Michael Kryagin, my physical therapist, is an authority at pinpointing the exact problem areas. He knows in which direction we need to go with the exercises, soft tissue work, and stretches, etc.

It changed my life!

Last, but not least, because first impressions count a lot, the front desk offers a warm and friendly welcome consistently. Kudos to the lovely ladies!”

L.R., Chestnut Ridge NY

You Guys Are the Best!

“The simple act of bending over to pick up a bag of groceries triggered my lower back to go into a complete spasm. I’ve had lower back pain before, but this one was full-blown and put me in so much pain that not even a prescription pain killer provided any relief.

The next morning I called Dr. Saint who immediately accommodated me for rush treatment. They put me through a series of electric stim sessions with ice packs, endermology treatments, and chiropractic adjustments.

Within four days I was able to walk standing up straight with a normal stride and minimal pain.

I continue my visits regularly and now use a home TENS unit with an ice pack which really works wonders… thank you Dr. Saint and your great staff for all of your efforts…you guys are the best!”

Roger S., River Vale, NJ

Thus my outlook and attitude are greatly improved and I can live my life again!

I started coming to Dr. Saint in March of 2003, at the invitation and urging of several friends who are patients here.

I have suffered from migraines, which are often quite debilitating, for 23 years give or take a year.

Over the past 14 years I have tried most everything out there for relief from the pain, including biofeedback and electrical stimulation, 35 + prescription and non-prescription drugs, magnet therapy, elimination diets, vitamins, herbs and others.

While some of these treatments helped in the short term nothing has worked for the long haul.

Since coming to Dr. Saint my migraines have improved greatly and my outlook on life in general is much brighter! I no longer have to plan things on a tentative basis, (always assuming I will have a migraine and will have to back out) but can plan events and assume I WILL be there! Thus my outlook and attitude are greatly improved and I can live my life again!

Thanks to Dr. Saint and all the staff here for making my daughter (who comes with me for adjustments as well) and me feel welcome and for taking such wonderful care of us.

You’ve truly been a godsend, and we are grateful!

Kim and Cameron F., Westwood, NJ

My daughter is hearing in both ears without surgery.

My daughter, age 6, was seen multiple times at the Center for Child Development having a complete audiological evaluation. She has normal hearing on the left side. However, on the right side, she was diagnosed with a non-compliant middle ear system (Type B tympanogram). The right hearing had progressed into the severe hearing loss and needed medical attention. The audiologist recommended she have an otolaryngological evaluation.

The first doctor, an Otolaryngologist (ENT), insisted my daughter needed multiple surgical procedures to correct the problem. My husband was seeing Dr. Saint for headaches, I mentioned my daughter’s condition and he said to bring her in to see if it could help. Dr. Saint brought out the teddy bear and talked to my daughter. When she felt comfortable, he began the adjustment.

After the end of the second week, my daughter commented the ocean was out of her ear. The pressure that had built up was now decreasing. By the end of the forth week she could clear her own ears. By the end of the sixth week, she could hear things she had been missing for years. We went back to the Otolaryngologist and she had perfect hearing in both ears. This was the first hearing test my daughter passed! She went back to the Center for Child Development and passed. My daughter is hearing in both ears without surgery. My daughter loves to go see Dr. Saint because it’s fun, but most of all because she likes being able to hear.