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Keeping on Track with Kinesio Taping™

Kinesio Taping is a rehabilitative taping technique that is designed with the body’s natural healing process in mind.

Kinesio TapingIt provides support and stability to muscles and joints without hindering your range of motion while simultaneously manipulating the soft tissues in your body. By doing so, it extends the benefits of manual therapy applied within the clinical setting.

Kinesio Taping makes it possible to resume your regular activity following injury from something such as an extracurricular sport without the risk of injuring yourself further. It can also assist in potentially preventing future damage. At Montvale Health & Wellness, our physical therapists are fully certified in Kinesio Taping, bringing relief and mobility back to your life.

What is Kinesio tape?

Developed by a chiropractor, Dr. Kenso Kase, in the 1970’s, Kinesio Tape is a thin and elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. It is designed for muscle, tendon, and ligament pain relief and support, as well as increasing blood flow to affected areas.

Why So Many Colors?

Kinesio Tape comes in a variety of colors that are both ascetically pleasing and serve an important purpose. For acute injuries, you would want blue or green tape, colors that reflect more light, as there would be less absorption of heat and more vasoconstriction of the vessels. With chronic injury, colors such as red or yellow that will absorb more light will therefore increase heat, thereby increasing metabolization and promoting faster healing.

What are the benefits of Kinesio Taping?

The applications for Kinesio Taping are vast, including the treatment as well as prevention of future injury. Able to be worn up to five days, 24-hours a day, this treatment can greatly accelerate the healing process from trauma, overuse, or inflammatory conditions.

  • Structural support: Because it is made of elastic material, Kinesio tape provides safe support to an injured joint or muscle, restricting harmful movements while still permitting a healthy, useful range of motion.
  • Pain relief: By relieving pressure on pain receptors found directly under the skin, Kinesio taping, when performed correctly, provides quick relief from acute injures. Applied over time, it also benefits those suffering from chronic pain, as it continues to relieve pressure on nerves in affected areas and allowing for better blood flow.
  • Keeping swelling, inflammation, and bruising at bay: With the ability to reduce pressure in an injured area, the lymphatic drainage channels open in order to remove the fluids and toxins that collect. This application not only applies to sports injuries or injuries as a result of trauma, but to inflammatory conditions such as lymphedema as well.
  • Reinforcing muscle tone and strength: Due to injury, pain, or a neurological/muscular disorder, there can be loss of muscle tone or strength, resulting in inhibiting the rehabilitation process by restricting exercise and movement necessary to improve the condition. Kinesio tape provides the necessary support to the area in question, making it possible to participate in the essential therapeutic exercises by improving neurological muscle activation.
  • Fatigue and overused muscles: Kinesio taping also has the ability to soothe and improve muscle fatigue, an invaluable tool in rehabilitation as it not only is used for the injured area, but for the muscles around the area compensating for the injured tissue. Reinforcing both injured and surrounding tissue contributes to a better range of motion, and a speedier recovery.
  • Keeping athletes active: With the exception of severe injury, Kinesio Taping can be a vital tool for athletes, professional or otherwise, to continue to train and/or compete for events by relieving pain and simultaneously reducing inflammation. In addition, it provides support not only for an injured area, but also helps to prevent an area from being injured, such as “tennis elbow” (Lateral Epicondylitis).

Whether you’re looking for respite during your rehabilitation process, training for a triathlon or a professional athlete, the certified physical therapists of Montvale Health & Wellness will bring you the relief you deserve and ensure a speedy recovery with the Kinesio Taping technique using Rock Tape™, the leader in the Kinesio Taping industry.

Come to Montvale Health & Wellness and let us get you back on track today.