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Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system plays a vital role in staying healthy.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a form of massage therapy in which our experts manipulate lymph flow by using gentle and rhythmic pumping techniques on the skin.

This is done to the skin in the direction that lymph flow should be. This is very important because the lymphatic vessels carry substances that the body needs to properly function and defend itself against disease and illness.

What are the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage?

There can be many benefits that occur as a result of manual lymphatic drainage, ranging from immediate to long term. These benefits can include the following and more:

  • Promotes healing – This can include healing of acute injuries, such as sprains and fractures, as well as long-term illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Prevents illnesses – Manual lymphatic drainage not only heals illnesses and injuries that currently exist in the patient’s body, but it can also help the body prevent illnesses from occurring in the future.
  • Relaxation – just as with most forms of massage therapy, manual lymphatic drainage is a very relaxing therapy for the patient.
  • Helps with pregnancy – Many pregnant women receive manual lymphatic drainage because of the benefits it offers; it can reduce swelling and discomfort caused by carrying a baby.
  • Helps heal the skin – It can do this in a variety of ways, including helping to heal burns and scars, as well as reducing stretch marks.
  • Promotes overall well-being – By reducing swelling, reducing pain, increasing immunity, and healing or helping many illnesses, manual lymphatic drainage is thought to increase the overall well-being of its patients.

What happens during a manual lymphatic drainage session at Montvale Health & Wellness?

Usually, the first session of manual lymphatic drainage will consist of a consultation with the therapist, at which time the therapist can determine how many treatments a patient needs as well as how those treatments will need to be focused.

Once it is determined by the therapist how many treatments a patient will need, and how often, those treatments will be scheduled. They will most likely each last one hour. It is important to stick to the schedule of treatments in order to experience the optimal results that manual lymphatic drainage has to offer.

Whether you are looking for deep relaxation and overall well-being, or you have a chronic illness you are hoping to improve, manual lymphatic drainage has a lot to offer. Start experiencing the wonderful benefits of this massage therapy by scheduling a consultation today.