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Post-Pandemic to Chronic Knee Pain

Post-Pandemic to Chronic Knee Pain

The oft-abused knee takes a beating from the physically active among us, but, at the same time, staying physically active is key to keeping this complex joint strong and flexible. Most knee injuries, starting with sprains, are caused by the excessive force of bending and twisting, and if you have been exceedingly sedentary for weeks and months, as has often been the case in the long year of the pandemic, suddenly getting physical again may take its toll.

The untreated damage we do to our knees as we continue to emerge from a year of mitigation and sheltering will become the chronic knee pain of our future unless technology intervenes. For the time being, sufferers of chronic knee pain have their own options for relief under the umbrella of physical therapy.

Now that we’re returning to accelerated exercise and recreational sports in the approaching summer of 2021, we’ll be seeing more knee injuries from overuse. Overuse is directly proportional to previous activity, or lack of it. This means that the fewer demands you place on your knees over an extended span on time, the more your knees will be susceptible to overuse when you return to action. Accidents, falls and physical contact will surely increase the likelihood of injury with a surge of physical activity from running, hiking and competitive sports.

High-impact sports are risky enough, but let’s hope you take the time to appropriately train and exercise before putting your knees in peril and subjecting yourself to the aftereffects of pain, swelling and immobility which could delay your return to fitness. Trying to be tough and thinking you can walk off a knee injury or just grit your teeth through the pain almost always makes a bad situation worse. It could turn something treatable by basic physical therapy with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) on the side to an appointment with a surgeon and a knee that may never be the same and more vulnerable than ever.

You can hobble along through a sprained knee and decide the discomfort will eventually go away, living with the occasional painful reminders, thinking you’ll get used to it. After all, you might rationalize, playing sports and serious exercise regimens are remnants of your youthful past, and it’s time for you to slow down anyway.

When Knee Pain Becomes Chronic

Too often you’ll realize that your knee pain has become chronic, and it’s going to torment you for the rest of your life. You might think that escaping chronic pain may only be resolved by surgery or regular use of prescription painkillers that may open the door to other health issues.

Why should you have to put up with daily pain and limited mobility, perhaps to the extent of not being able to perform the most routine household chores? This is where our non-surgical treatment of chronic knee pain known as the 3-Phase Knee Protocol, comes in. Developed by Dr. Rick Lambert, Montvale Health’s Medical Director, it is an individualized therapy that spells relief for those who suffer from chronic knee pain.

The process starts with an examination and consultation with a board-certified physician before you proceed with:

  • Phase 1: to ease inflammation and joint pain;
  • Phase 2: strengthening and stabilizing the knee joint;
  • Phase 3: the cushioning of the joint through lubrication by the exacting placement of gel-like fluid into the joint through ultrasound-guided technology.

This approach has led to relief and a return to life activities for many patients, and the doctos at Montvale Health Sport & Spine can evaluate you to see if you are a candidate for this focused approach to relieving knee pain.


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