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Powerful Platelets Heal Faster, Lessen Pain

Powerful Platelets Heal Faster, Lessen Pain

Among the few mysteries that remain in science and medicine are the healing powers of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and the fact that it reminds us of an ancient proverb and a quotation in the Bible: “Physician, heal thyself.” PRP does exactly that for sufferers of injury and pain, but the saying today would more accurately apply to the patient being healed by his own blood as administered by the physician or clinical specialist.

The power of being healed by your own blood is part of the healing arsenal at Montvale Health Sport + Spine through what is known as PRP Therapy. Not only is it becoming increasingly popular in treating sports injuries and postsurgical wounds, but mainstream medicine has been taking PRP seriously for some time now. As is often the case with healing, pain is something one has to endure in the treatment of various conditions and injuries. 

“PRP is a minimally invasive, non-surgical option that can alleviate pain, improve mobility and reduce inflammation resulting from injuries or chronic conditions,” was the conclusion posted this year on the Johns Hopkins Medicine website whose researchers are among the most respected in the world. 

The healing process is somewhat of a mystery simply because, as the Johns Hopkins post stated in its evaluation, “the mechanism behind PRP injections is not completely understood.” Whether understood or not, PRP Therapy works and its effectiveness in reducing pain and shortening the healing process has become a keystone of regenerative medicine, which itself is a rather new concept when compared to other healing arts. As is often the case with medical breakthroughs, there was skepticism and concern at first, but most regenerative medicine treatments, including PRP Therapy, are safe, noninvasive and effective.

As we state in our own description of how this process works: It is literally a case of your body healing itself, because the plasma is separated from your own blood to collect miniscule plate-shaped cells aptly named platelets. Thus enriched, it is injected back into affected areas in your body.

The damaged tissues are stimulated into growing new healthy cells. This healing power and easing of pain has been within us all this time, but it required science and technology to make it a reality.

What are some of the findings regarding PRP injections from reputable sources like Johns Hopkins?

Healing after surgery…

It started when clinicians realized that PRP sped up the healing process after so-called plastic surgeries to the face and jaw. From there, injections were shown to effectively promote healing and less pain after surgeries on muscles, tendons and ligaments. At Johns Hopkins the phenomenon is described as promoting cell function to “re-engage and boost the body’s healing process.”

Multi-skeletal injuries and conditions…

PRP injection have proven effective in a wide range of injuries to tendons, muscles, ligaments and even joints, which characteristically require a long recovery. Recovery time is shortened and the pain that is part of sustaining these injuries is significantly lessened.


According to the aforementioned report from Johns Hopkins Medicine on the effectiveness of PRP injections: “Early studies indicate that PRP injections may help treat osteoarthritis pain and stiffness by modulating the joint environment and reducing inflammation…” The more they are learning about the effectiveness of PRP in shortening healing time and reducing pain, the more impressed they are.

Overall, a major selling point of PRP Therapy is that the injections are noninvasive, safe and effective because the healing is stimulated in the patient’s own tissues by the platelets in his or her own blood.


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