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Physical Therapy Spine

Physical Therapists at Montvale Health & Wellness provide hands-on care for spinal rehabilitation.

Research studies have shown that active rehabilitation such as our expert physical therapists provide is effective for the treatment of back pain.

Our therapies emphasize proper postural alignment, and focus on increasing muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Our therapists treat patients from every walk of life, including sport and spine related injuries. They focus on a variety of therapies, exercises and home programs to restore function and pain-free living.

Montvale Health & Wellness physical therapists perform a thorough, individualized evaluation, and develop customized programs. Their primary goal is to restore function and provide confidence and a sense of well-being to our patients.

Therapies at Montvale Health & Wellness designed to assist patients in spine care may include Massage Therapy, EndermoTherapy and Lymphatic Drainage.

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