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Tale of the Tape: Proof Is in the Healing

Tale of the Tape: Proof Is in the Healing

Kinesio® Taping is a registered trademark — because of the process, which is a rehabilitative technique or method, but also because of the tape itself. Knowing how to use that tape to promote healing, ease pain of injury and improve strength is, in itself, a healthcare specialty. It is effective on virtually any person of any age and utilized or prescribed by pediatricians, family physicians and geriatricians.

It is popular among physical therapists and sports medicine, included among the services at Montvale Health Sport + Spine where we claim the expertise and skill to achieve the ultimate potential of Kinesio® taping. It provides the support you need to induce the body into healing mode with minimal restrictions to movement. If anything, it can improve range-of-motion because of the gentle and comforting support it provides to injured muscles and joints. This, in turn, allows more effective utilization of the repetitive-exercise elements of physical therapy without having to rely on prescription analgesics and narcotics and their side effects and addictive threats.

Knowing how to apply the tape in the most effective patterns, known as KT taping, extends soft tissue support and manipulation that can be effective for a variety of medical conditions ranging from neurological to orthopedic. The basic patterns are in the shapes of letters, including X, Y and the straight-strip I and must be precisely located for maximum impact. It may be applied in numerous ways, and that is why the specialist performing this method is so important.

Healing on Its Own for Days at a Time

As a therapeutic technique it is also amazingly efficient in extending the benefits of physical therapy or chiropractic manipulation between appointments, effectively easing pain and subduing inflammation for days at a time. The Kinesio® method gently opens up the minuscule passageways or interstices between the skin and soft tissue and is, in a sense, performing therapy on the injury as the patient goes about daily activities and physical demands.

The tale of the tape attests to verifiable proof of physiological improvement to fascia (connective tissue), muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, skin and even the circulatory system.

A retinue of assessments is routinely a part of the process before proceeding with KT taping, because there may be underlying conditions before repair and healing should be initiated. Depending on where the injury is and whether its cause is external or internal (with one often contributing to the other), testing may have to be conducted on range-of-motion in the affected area, as well as manual muscle testing. If related to the lower body, there may even be an assessment of the patient’s gait or way of walking. A limp or a short or jerky stride can be very telling.

We’ve seen the importance of taping for sports injuries, where a football player, for example, returns to action after a few minutes on the sideline with the team doctor or a trainer. One of the greatest contributions of KT taping in physical therapy and sports medicine is that it not only hastens healing but is regularly used as a supplemental application in multi-treatment protocols.

The Kinesio® taping system is so named because it plays a starring role in the field of kinesiology. This is the mechanics of body movement and, by extension, their repair when all the parts aren’t working smoothly together.


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